Nov 8, 2009

The little mermaid III

在王子的宮殿裡,當所有的人都睡著了以後,她會坐在寬廣的大理石台階上,將雙腳放進冰冷的海水裡,這樣可以稍稍減緩她的痛楚。 然後這時 她會回想起那些在海底的一切。



While at the prince's palace, and when all the household were asleep, she would go and sit on the broad marble steps; for it eased her burning feet to bathe them in the cold sea-water; and then she thought of all those below in the deep.

Once during the night her sisters came up arm-in-arm, singing sorrowfully, as they floated on the water. She beckoned to them, and then they recognized her, and told her how she had grieved them.

After that, they came to the same place every night; and once she saw in the distance her old grandmother, who had not been to the surface of the sea for many years, and the old Sea King, her father, with his crown on his head. They stretched out their hands towards her, but they did not venture so near the land as her sisters did.

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