Nov 6, 2011

Where to celebrate the Christmas/New Year's Eve 要去哪裡過聖誕/新年呢? :)

Location 1 :  Taipei 101 
Reason      :  We have one of the most spectacular skyscraper fireworks on New Year's Eve.   
101大樓: 有世界上最美麗的高樓煙火

Location 2  : Whistler
Reason       : White Christmas and holiday atmosphere would be guaranteed. And we can hit the slopes and stay fit.
惠斯勒: 過一個有氣氛的白色聖誕和滑雪假期

Location 3  : Paris
Reason       : We don't need any reason to go to Paris. We just need to go to Paris!
巴黎: 去巴黎 是不需要理由的

Location 4  : Sydney
Reason       : Get away from the cold winter and enjoy the summer down under.
雪梨: 享受南半球的好天氣

Location 5  :  Any place where we can enjoy shopping

Location 6  : Any place where there is a BIG Christmas tree :-)
當然 最好能有一棵大聖誕樹 

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