Sep 7, 2011

Silks Place Taroko, Taiwan 太魯閣晶英

Silks Place Taroko is a gem in the Taroko national park of Taiwan. 

The splendid view of retreat-river view suite

 The elegant retreat lounge

The area beside the roof-top pool: a cozy area to listen to the music and watch the moon/stars

The roof-top pool is amazing. 

There are bonfires on clear summer nights. 

Images above: The thoughtful details in the suites 天祥套房

Lobby area 

        Retreat living room

 There are numerous trails to be explored. The landscapes are magnificent. To be able to explore the national park and to enjoy the great facilities in the hotel, staying one night in Silk Palace Taroko is certainly not enough!


好吃的麵包 (窗外是祥德寺)

辣味明蝦沙拉 真的好辣~~ 不過好吃。

野雞蘑菇義式敦飯, 雖然不上相,但真的好好吃。 是這份套餐裡最好吃的。



從天亮吃到天黑 。服務人員幫我們點起蠟燭。 :)

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