Sep 1, 2011

伊斯坦堡新城區精品旅店 Witt Istanbul Suites

It was a highly anticipated boutique hotel during our stay in Istanbul. However, after staying in this hotel, I had mixed feelings about it. Overall it was a good boutique hotel. But I was not satisfied with it. 

  • The interior was stylish. 
  • The breakfast was good.
  • Booking: I was pregnant then. And our flight leaving Istanbul was around midnight. So when I booked the room, I asked the hotel if it was possible for us to have late check-out. They offered us a deal of paying half the room rate and then we could check out late at night. I was thankful for the arrangement.
  • Arrival: The staff gave us a map and roughly introduced Istanbul for us. Also, he recommended us a restaurant and helped us make a reservation. 

Images above: lobby area where we ate our breakfast. There were many books that we could read during breakfast.

Images above: the room we got.

 Images above: the bathroom. I heard that the ceiling shower would change color with different temperatures of water. Somehow I did not see any color and the water volume from the ceiling shower was small.

One problem with the layout of our room is that the metal bench would block the passage if you do not put it back under the table after using it. And one early morning, when my husband went to the bathroom with his eyes dim with sleep, he pumped into the bench and his shank bled. The front desk fixed the problem by moving the desk and the bench to another space of the room, but no other compensation was made.

Another problem with our room is that:
When I booked the "sea-view suite", I thought I could be able to rest on the sofa and see a view like this:


But instead, when I rested on the sofa or bed, I could only see this:

I need to stand near the bar so that I could see a better view from the other window: (but still the building on the left blocked half of the view)

So I was frustrated (Because I was pregnant, I wanted to be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view). Moreover, after staying two nights, I found that the suite right next to us was a corner suite having four unblocked windows! You could lie in the bed and enjoy the gorgeous view if you stayed in the corner suite. (The guests of the corner suite checked out in the morning and I saw the layout of it when the cleaning staff was cleaning the room.) Since our room and the corner room were both "sea-view suite" at the same price level, I asked the front desk if we could move to the corner suite for the rest of the two nights. But he replied that there were guests checking in on that day and he promised the guests that he would give them the corner suite. I was so disappointed and felt so unfair. They did not show us the layout of the suites and we could not choose the room we wanted when we booked the room. The layout and the view of the corner suite is much better. The corner suite and the suite we stayed in really should not be at the same price level! I think the hotel should show the layout and located floor to allow all the guests to select the room they want at reservation.  


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